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In the night

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So I totally geeked out and wrote a Parks and Recreation Ben/Leslie drabble. And I know I haven't posted to my own LJ in so long but I'm back with this drabble. I love Parks and Recreation so much right now that I can't help thinking about it and its characters.
So this is absolute first piece of fan fiction and I haven't written anything in so long so please let me know whether you like it or even if you don't.

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Wreck it - let's begin
Party people let me hear some noise

And he's awake. Bolting upright drenched in sweat.
Recalling his failure was inevitable in Ben Wyatt's daily life once people found out but almost inescapable in his dreams. When he was stressed in his daily life he would have night terrors concerning his boyhood fiasco. Sometimes there were pitchforks, many times time there were hockey sticks, every time that damn song would play and then it was stuck in his head.
There is only one person who knows how badly that song ... that moment in time ... affects him. And that person is sleeping to his left. One Leslie Knope-Wyatt. Despite her fondness for really bad '90s rap, she knew she could never bring up that song. She did once during their first real interaction and he took it in stride as much as possible, but she soon figured out that it rehashed a lot of pain and she, of course, didn't want to do that.
He may think that he's a failure most days and he may think that until he holds some sort of public office that his parents can brag about to their friends who will never forget his brief time in office as boy mayor of Partridge, Minnesota.
He was on the road to that goal bit by bit. Making his home in Pawnee, Indiana, was just one step. He became a part of the community. He and Leslie were an unstoppable machine of public works. When they worked together — as she had become a well-respected city council member — they got things done. She reminded him of his boyhood spirit and got him to think bigger and better ideas. He reigned her in when she got a little ahead of herself (or when she had a bit too much sugar).
He ran his hands across his face, took a drink of water and scratched his scalp and then laid his head back hoping sleep would return soon for he surely was tired. As soon he settled a hand crept across and grabbed his left hand and gave it a good squeeze and laced her fingers with his.
He took his right hand and reached across and pushed a strand of her pale blonde hair from her forehead — her eyes still closed — and then rested it on her increasingly large belly. Definitely an accomplishment.

Haven't done an LJ cut in so long so hopefully I didn't screw that part up.
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On March 20th, 2011 06:40 am (UTC), jamesie_boy commented:
poor Ben :(( lovely fic though <33

awesome taste in music too btw! i love that song ♥ and A&J. :)
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On March 20th, 2011 06:59 am (UTC), ballroom_pink replied:
That song reminds me of what I had hoped would happen at the Harvest Festival.
I didn't need Leslie in a bad-girl leather suit ...
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