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Salad sucks

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Title: Salad sucks
Author: [info]ballroom_pink
Characters/Pairings: Leslie/Ben, April
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Spoiler-free
Prompt: Exchanging Food. Thanks, slynn6776. Sorry, it's so late. I wanted to group it with a bunch of other drabbles and finally just gave up on getting those done by today.

April Roberta Ludgate-Dwyer would be the first to admit it but she didn't know much about men. She knew more than some, like Leslie Knope, but despite working with the manliest of men and being married to huge man-child, she was still clueless on some of their behavior. Her own dating history was brief and kind of peculiar, to say the least.
Take, for instance, what she witnessed at lunch the other day. She, Leslie, Tom, Andy and Ben were out in the courtyard — on one of the last days of nice fall weather in Pawnee - eating lunch. And she noticed something. Leslie ordered a salad only to vent her frustration, as always, at the disgusting lunch option and gave up pushing it somewhat to the center of table in order to focus on her chips.
Leslie and Ben were working on some project - April didn't pretend to care - while eating lunch and without even looking for approval from Leslie Ben did something that surprised and bewildered April. He ate from her discarded salad, bits and pieces rather, the cherry tomatoes and cucumbers.
Now, her husband would eat off of her meal and really anyone else's. Pizza crusts, half a donut, all of Kyle's hamburger, that was Andy, he really had no boundaries.
Then something even more bewildering occurred, Leslie took Ben's cookie and broke it in half and ate it and Ben didn't even care. Suspicious behavior? Maybe. Or maybe she had been spending too much time around Ron Swanson who probably would kill anyone who tried to eat so much as a fry off his plate. It was hard to gauge how suspicious this act was without a knowing glance from Tom or Andy and one of them was too busy perusing Men's Italian Vogue and the other was too busy eating his own "awesome" food. Where was Donna to notice this? Even awful Ann would have been able to notice this. And at that thought, April lost her appetite.
She thought about asking Leslie some veiled questions about men and their eating habits but she could foresee Leslie thinking April was implying something about her new marriage status and so that wasn't going to happen. April would just have to stay vigilant - well, as much as she could without giving up her lazy ways, those articles in NYLON weren't going to read themselves - to more signs.
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On May 2nd, 2011 04:19 am (UTC), jamesie_boy commented:
ohhh how much do i wanna see Ben & Leslie sharing food now? :D
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