Fic: A holiday fic without a name #1

Title: A holiday fic without a name #1
Pairing: Leslie/Ben
Word count: Numbers just ain't my thing, but this is short
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: If I owned this show, I'd be the happiest lady in the world! But I don't, thus my sadness.
Timeline: Post 5x09

Author's Note: Big round of thanks to clubgetright for editing this and giving some really helpful suggestions. And to craponaspatula for letting me go on and on about disgusting holiday snacks.

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"Leslie, I think we have enough mini chocolate Santas."

Leslie just gives him a look and Ben stops his complaint.

"Well, on that note," he states, giving her a look of his own and kissing her on the forehead, "I'm going to go get some snap peas — "

"— Food that we dare not speak its name," Leslie interrupted.

While Ben wandered over to the produce department, Leslie loaded up the cart with even more mini chocolate Santas in their cart and moved on to decide between fruity and traditional candy canes. Before she could choose, Ben came back and wrapped his arm between her waist and coat.

She snuggled into his embrace despite seeing a baggie of snap peas in his hands, only to be met by the smiling face of Chris Traeger.

"Hi, Chris. How are you today? Whatcha got there?" Leslie asked looking at his basket.

"Well, Leslie Knope, I have here some leeks. Leeks are my #1 favorite vegetable to have in the winter. I'm going to add them to my omelets to jazz them up. They also go great in salads! And, of course, kale because you can never have enough. As you know, surely."

"Oh, I do." Leslie says as she looks at the candy shelves and back at Ben who merely nods at Chris.

"Well, Ben was just telling me that you had quite an adventure the other night — that you went above and beyond as a friend for Ron Swanson."

"I wouldn't go that far to say — " Leslie starts

"No, no, no. Ben says you were attacked by Tammy Swanson and put in the trunk of a car," he interrupts and places a hand on her shoulder, "Leslie Knope, you are truly a good friend to not only Ron Swanson — saving him from his unlikable ex-wife — but to everyone. Just like Ben here who, that very same night, made sure I was doing well."

Leslie just looks at her fiance with admiration. "He is very considerate, isn't he?"

Ben, in turn, blushed just a little knowing Leslie was referencing a few things there completely unrelated to his friendship with Chris.

"You two are the best friends a guy could have! My therapist, Dr. Richard Nygard, doesn't believe me when I tell him how amazing you both are."

Ben responds first with an awkward, "Um ... thanks man."

Leslie glances at Ben, places her candy cane selections in the cart's seat, pats Chris on the shoulder and says, "Thank you, Chris. You're a very good friend to us as well."

"Oh, thank you! So what are you two buying besides those delicious snap peas?" Chris asks enthusiastically clapping his hands together and looking at their shopping cart.

"Uh, a lot of holiday fixings ... for presents and such." Ben responds with a hint of disapproval of all the sugary treats in their cart knowing that most of it would be eaten by his fiancee.

"Just be careful not to treat yourself with all these goodies. Leslie, did Ben tell you that I had a revelation at Jerry's party? I had the eggnog — the regular kind — and it was delicious! However, I did add six more miles to my daily run the next day. Well, I have an appointment with the aforementioned Dr. Richard Nygard so I'll see you two later."

"Bye, Chris!" Leslie yells down the aisle as Chris turns and runs to the checkout counter.

"So, what else have you added to the cart?" Ben asks warily.

"Oh, like you're one to talk! These Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes are yours and you also want to add gross snap peas."

"Those are for Chris' present. We can't give him candy."

"God, I love you so much."
Little Leslie Knope

Fic: Our Nation's Birthday

Title: Our Nation's Birthday
Pairing: Assume everyone's still together except for Tom/Ann
Word count: I can't find the word count button in TextEdit
Rating: PG.
Disclaimer: If I owned this show, I'd be the happiest lady in the world! But I don't, thus my sadness.
Timeline: Post 4x22

Summary: 4th of July in Pawnee, Indiana

Author's Note: I tried to do this mostly in Talking Heads and references to shots made by the documentary crew because of reasons. Those reasons being: I'm not the most talented writer and I really just wanted to crank this idea out really fast. I wanted to finish this by the actual holiday but then I had to work more than usual and didn't have time to finish until this past weekend. I want to thank the ever helpful saucydiva, she gave me some really great suggestions. Also thanks to craponaspatula for the historical lesson on Gouverneur Morris. Oh, and I should credit americnxidiot, because America.

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Little Leslie Knope

Boundaries crossed and beards contemplated

Title: Boundaries crossed and beards contemplated
Author: ballroom_pink
Word count: I can't find the word count button in TextEdit
Rating: PG.
Disclaimer: If I owned this show, I'd be the happiest lady in the world! But I don't, thus my sadness.
Timeline: Post 4x14

Ben’s mom sends photos of him as a kid. He is dressed as Abe Lincoln.

Author’s Note: I can't remember if I requested the prompt that “Ben’s mom sends photos of him as a kid. He is dressed as Abe Lincoln." for our Galentines Day lovefest or for Presidents Day, but I did ask americnxidiot and the next day I was equally overcome with my own plot and the thought that she was overwhelmed with other requests that she might not use it anyway. Well, she did and I just love it so much. And so between the time I prompted this ficlet and the time it was posted, I had written something and had been bugging the patient and ever helpful saucydiva with the first draft of my own attempt at the prompt. I've only written three other stories, so I was in desperate need of editing and direction and I want to thank saucydiva so much.

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Cecilia's feet

Salad sucks

Title: Salad sucks
Author: [info]ballroom_pink
Characters/Pairings: Leslie/Ben, April
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Spoiler-free
Prompt: Exchanging Food. Thanks, slynn6776. Sorry, it's so late. I wanted to group it with a bunch of other drabbles and finally just gave up on getting those done by today.

April Roberta Ludgate-Dwyer would be the first to admit it but she didn't know much about men. She knew more than some, like Leslie Knope, but despite working with the manliest of men and being married to huge man-child, she was still clueless on some of their behavior. Her own dating history was brief and kind of peculiar, to say the least.
Take, for instance, what she witnessed at lunch the other day. She, Leslie, Tom, Andy and Ben were out in the courtyard — on one of the last days of nice fall weather in Pawnee - eating lunch. And she noticed something. Leslie ordered a salad only to vent her frustration, as always, at the disgusting lunch option and gave up pushing it somewhat to the center of table in order to focus on her chips.
Leslie and Ben were working on some project - April didn't pretend to care - while eating lunch and without even looking for approval from Leslie Ben did something that surprised and bewildered April. He ate from her discarded salad, bits and pieces rather, the cherry tomatoes and cucumbers.
Now, her husband would eat off of her meal and really anyone else's. Pizza crusts, half a donut, all of Kyle's hamburger, that was Andy, he really had no boundaries.
Then something even more bewildering occurred, Leslie took Ben's cookie and broke it in half and ate it and Ben didn't even care. Suspicious behavior? Maybe. Or maybe she had been spending too much time around Ron Swanson who probably would kill anyone who tried to eat so much as a fry off his plate. It was hard to gauge how suspicious this act was without a knowing glance from Tom or Andy and one of them was too busy perusing Men's Italian Vogue and the other was too busy eating his own "awesome" food. Where was Donna to notice this? Even awful Ann would have been able to notice this. And at that thought, April lost her appetite.
She thought about asking Leslie some veiled questions about men and their eating habits but she could foresee Leslie thinking April was implying something about her new marriage status and so that wasn't going to happen. April would just have to stay vigilant - well, as much as she could without giving up her lazy ways, those articles in NYLON weren't going to read themselves - to more signs.

Giraffe: Parks and Rec Drabble 2

"Grandma, I can see everything from up here!"
"I'm sure you can, Ellie."
The vivacious and it must be said, extremely precocious, 4-year-old with white blonde hair that matched her mother's went on to tell her grandmother exactly what she could see while sitting atop the fixture that resembled a giraffe in the middle of Perkins Park.
"I can see Ruby on the swings ... I can see a bluebird on the top of the log cabin playhouse ... I can see Rufus the dog going to the bathroom," Eleanor Ann Wyatt giggled.
"Sweetie, are you sure you don't want to get down and go on the swings?" Her grandmother asked her worried a bit that perhaps she was too young for it despite the young girl's insistence earlier that she had been on it many, many times.
"No, thank you ... not yet I want to stay up here for awhile. Ooh, I can see auntie Ann's house!"
Eleanor loved being at the top of structure. She loved how it made her feel like the queen of the park, well, princess, at least, because even at her age she knew her mom had made this park and was really the queen of it.
Eleanor also stayed at the top of the structure because she wasn't sure how to get down. She had only been on the toy a few times before and only when her dad had been around to climb up and get her. She really had to muster her courage to ask her stern but loving grandma to explain to her how to get down.
She put her chin down on the metal bars and looked around some more. Eventually her friend Ruby ran up to ask her if she wanted to play on the teeter-totter and despite really wanting to — her mom had told her all about them — she said, "Maybe later. I need to ask my grandma to help me get down."
She looked over at her grandma sitting on a bench talking to some old man and was about to request some help when she saw her mom and dad walking across the grass that was covered in little white flowers. She sat up and yelled across to them, "Mommy! Daddy!" She waved and waved to them without abandon.
They waved back with an equal amount of fervor.
(They were walking too slow as her mom was going to have a baby soon and waddled like a duck — something Ellie had not so tactfully pointed out to her parents the other day. To which her dad said he thought ducks were pretty cute. She reminded her dad that penguins were much cuter.)
Seeing that her daughter's friend was nearby, Eleanor's mother asked her, "Ellie, why are you up there when Ruby is down here?"
Inching closer to the structure, Eleanor's father whispered in her ear, "Are you afraid of coming down?"
Eleanor nodded sheepishly. Her father silently climbed up the structure and picked up his small child, her arms clinging around his shoulders until he put her soundly on the ground. She gave her father a peck on the cheek and then hugged her mother's protruding belly. She then ran hand-in-hand with Ruby to the teeter-totter.
Her mom and dad kept an eye on them while they made their way over to Ellie's grandmother.
boom sadness

In the night

So I totally geeked out and wrote a Parks and Recreation Ben/Leslie drabble. And I know I haven't posted to my own LJ in so long but I'm back with this drabble. I love Parks and Recreation so much right now that I can't help thinking about it and its characters.
So this is absolute first piece of fan fiction and I haven't written anything in so long so please let me know whether you like it or even if you don't.
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Haven't done an LJ cut in so long so hopefully I didn't screw that part up.
Kay in Godfather II

Movie quote game

Idea stolen from junolovesmars

Below I am going to list 10 quotes from 10 different movies, whoever gets the most (without copy/pasting them in google or IMDB) wins! What's your prize? Nothing! Well maybe some sweet satisfaction. You get 1 point for identifying the movie, 1 point for identifying the character/actor who spoke the line, and 2 points if you can name the director.

1. "You don't have to read a book to have an opinion." Metropolitan - Whit Stilman (the cold medicine made me put Noah Baumbach and that's not right) greateststar & brodie890

2. "The buses! The buses are empty and look almost menacing, threatening, as so many yellow dragons watching me with their hollow, vacant eyes. I wonder how many little black and white children have yellow nightmares, their own special brand of fear for the yellow peril... Damn it, it's got to be more... positive. No, more negative! Start again. Yellow is the color of caution. No. Yellow is the color of cowardice. Yellow is the color of sunshine. And yet I see very little sunshine in the lives of all the little black and white children. I see their lives, rather, as a study in grayness, a mixture of black and... Oh, Christ, no. That's fascist. Yellow! Yellow, yellow, yellow. Yellow fever..." Opal (Geraldine Chaplin) in Nashville - Robert Altman griffin_mill

3. "What are you telling me, that you're, you're, you're gonna leave Emily, is this true? And, and run away with the, the, the winner of the Zelda Fitzgerald emotional maturity award?" Isaac in Manhattan - Woody Allen brodie890

4. "Second cousin. The kids don't come out funny or anything, I checked." Natalie in A Little Romance - George Roy Hill

5. "I think we have the kind of friendship where if I were the devil, you'd be the only one I would tell." Aaron Altman in Broadcast News - James L. Brooks

6. "I think JFK's a sweet potato." Shag stellar_ball

7. "Do you know what this family needs? A mute." Gus in The Ref globetrotter1

8. "Wow, now you can read Seventeen magazine and get all the references." Max in Kicking and Screaming - Noah Baumbach brodie890

9. "You licked my ear. I'd have bought a dog if I wanted my ear licked." Wilbur in Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself

10. "Maybe not everything is supposed to last forever. Certain things are like, like sky writing, like a really beautiful thing that lasts for a couple moments and then - you know? I know honey, love sucks." Leslie (Cynthia Nixon) in Little Manhattan

And if you haven't seen these movies, go and see them. Seriously, these are some of my favorite films.

brodie890 10
griffin_mill 4
globetrotter1 2
greateststar 1
stellar_ball 1

I believe jjfan3405 admitted to Googling. For shame! If I believed in using emoticons I place a funny one here.
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